Election Day

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Directed by
Katy Chevigny

Produced by
Maggie Bowman and Dallas Brennan Rexer

Edited by
Penelope Falk

Original Music
by John Kimbrough

Field Producers
David Becker
Wellington Bowler
Blue Chevigny
Beth Davenport
Kristi Jacobson
Christina D. King
Sarah Klein
Faye Lederman
Alicia Sams
Peter Sassi
Andrea Torrice
Angela Tucker

Robert Reed Altman
Rick Butler
Rob Featherstone
Melissa Godoy
Alan Jacobsen
Kirsten Johnson
John Kelleran
Dana Kupper
Vic Losick
Ben Shapiro
Jonathan Skurnik
Melba Williams
Matthew Woolf
Juan Carlos Zaldívar

Sound Recordists
Beth Cavano
William Mason
Geoff Maxwell
Patricia Moynihan
J.T. Mueller
Andrew Tucker

Associate Producer
Christina D. King

DVD Producer/Associate Producer
(for Distribution and Outreach)

Jolene Pinder

Assistant Editor
Laurent Hugon

Production Coordinators
Ericka Gutierrez
Daniel Massey

Additional Camera
Laura Paglin

Additional Sound Recording
Frances Linn
Jolene Pinder

Additional Editing
Gabriel Rhodes

Post-Production & Distribution Assistant
Jennifer Pellerito

Production Assistants
Christopher Evans
Marcus Freeman
Jessica Kohen
Anielka Marin
Jennifer McClory
Patrick McCollum
Carrie Schumaker
Jeff Seelbach
Landon Van Soest

On-line Editor
Jesse Morrow

Additional On-line Editors
John Miller
Bill Mastorakis

Ben Perez

On-line services provided by

Post-Production Supervisor for Technicolor
Luana Ayres

Post-Production Supervisor for Finito
Karen Barrett

Color Consultant
John Foster

Sound Editor
Eric Milano

Sound Rerecording Mixer
Tom Paul

Post-Production Sound provided by
The Cottage Mix

Radio Voiceover
Walter Fields

Voiceover Recording
Mark Garcia

Voiceover Recording Studio
Tandem Sound

Graphic Design
Joe Wu

Title Design
Woo Art International

Edit Room Assistants
Stephen Dunn
Louisa Forni
Shayla Freeman
Anne Moore

Post-Production Interns
Kimberly Cooke
Ariel Greenberg
Emily Houston
Erin Hulbert
Rebecca Israel
Stephanie McKay
John Pappas
Ariel Poster
Viktoria Ptselintseva
Lauren Slattery
Eleanor Sweeney
Sherie Torres
Mary Mason Williams
Jane Yum

Advisors to the Film
Spencer Overton
John Sayles

"Tuesday in November 1945"
Courtesy of Prelinger Library & Archives

Closing song: "Election Day"
Written by Michael David Fuller
a/k/a Blaze Foley
© 1989
Texas Ghost Writers Music/BMI
Courtesy of Lost Art Records

Funding provided by:
Stillpoint Foundation
Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation
Surdna Foundation
Paula Yudenfriend & Arlin Green
The Bay & Paul Foundations, Inc.
Shei'rah Foundation
Isabel Rose Foundation
Charles Crystal
Edward & Christy Burns
Sharon Crockett
Boykin Curry & Celerie Kemble
Katherine & Toby Symonds

And others
A complete list is available from PBS

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Election Day is a co-production of Arts Engine, Inc. and the
Independent Television Service, with additonal funding provided by the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Election Day was produced by
Arts Engine, Inc.,
which is solely responsible
for its content.

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