Election Day

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Watch an interview with the filmmaker
Filmmaker Interview
"I would love to see more Americans interested in trying to improve the electoral system. If we were to pressure our political leaders to pay some real attention to this, we could see some changes." Katy Chevigny talks about the making of Election Day.

Watch additional scenes from the film
At the Polls
In Chicago, poll watcher and Republican committeeman Jim Fuchs notices something awry. In Philadelphia, a disabled voter finds it difficult to vote. Watch these additional scenes not included in the broadcast version of Election Day.

Ask our expert about voting laws in your state
Election FAQ
Why are voting laws so different from state to state? What's a poll watcher, and how can you become one? Derek Cressman of Common Cause, a voting watchdog organization, answers these and other frequently asked questions about the election system.

Experts debate on how to make elections work better
Changing the System
POV asked a roundtable of election experts: "What's the one thing that you would do to improve the accuracy of, access to and efficiency of the election system in America?" They weigh in with suggestions for improvements at the polls.

Get an update on the characters in this film
Film Update
Find out what happened to Jim Fuchs, Buzz Deters, Shanta Martin and others, and watch a video of a concert heldas part of Election Day's premiere at the 2007 South By Southwest Festival.