Amy Hardie Filmography

2009     The Edge of Dreaming director
World Premiere in Amsterdam, International Feature selection, November 2009
"Cinema at its most profound" Oscar nominated Jonathon Sacks

2009     Vision for the Future: Stem Cell Revolution director
Access to top international scientists engaged in breakthroughs in human cells. In progress.

2009     All We Have producer, short film
University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy

2008     IPS film director
Access to top international scientists engaged in breakthroughs in human cells. In progress.

2006     A Stem Cell Story/Cell Culture producer, shorts
Visually sumptuous and scientifically exact award winning shorts mixing documentary and animation

2006     Conversations director, short
Wide-ranging animation/documentary on ethics of stem cell research

2004     Bridging the Gap 5 executive producer, documentary
Created protocol and mentored five cinematic digital documentary shorts in Scotland

2002     A Beginner's Guide to Dying
Researching all aspects of death, including traditional Gaelic customs and modern psychotherapy

2001     The Cardinal's Babies director, BBC Everyman, feature documentary
About the Roman Catholic who offered pregnant mothers money to avoid abortions

2000     The Long Riders director, documentary (30 minutes)
Visual portrait of Scottish tradition of marking the common lands on horseback

1999     Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms director, ITV documentary
Story of Scotlands mythic past
"Beautifully shot - breathtaking" Glasgow Herald

1999     Woodlands director/camera, short
Planting a forest across central Scotland

1999     Young People Talking director, short
Innovative doc/drama widely used within NHS Trust

1999     Into the Forest director, 6 fiction shorts
Collaboration with celebrated theatre group, I.O.U. created six animation/documentaries

1998     Riding to Jerusalem
Two intrepid horse-riders set off from Scotland to the Middle-east. But one got pregnant! (director, documentary pilot for BBC)

1998     Belarus First Cut
Shocking story of Jewish child who became the youngest SS soldier after watching his family killed

1998     Scientists
Big-screen shorts of scientific discoveries (director, short films for Science Festival)

1997     Beasts of the Forest
Theatrical/documentary in forest to audience of 250 (director, film performance)
"Original, extraordinary" Scotsman

1997     The Waltz
Fiction adaptation from wit Dorothy Parker (director, short fiction)

1996     An Honorary Scot
Widely reviewed portrait of eccentric owner of the Isle of Eigg (director, Channel 4 documentary)
"fascinating insight" Guardian

1995     Running Wild
Charming documentary about the first snow sled husky race in Scotland, and the thaw (director, Channel 4 documentary)

1994     Knee High
Innovative documentary at kid's level as they leave home and go into nursery (director/camera, Channel 4 documentary)

1994     Looking for Allah in England
For the prestigious 'Everyman' slot. Intimate, intelligent following three UK converts to Islam (director/camera, BBC documentary)

1993     Inside the Wig
Headlined the Crime and Punishment Series (director, BBC documentary)
"Highly intelligent" Times

1993     Water and Birth director Active Birth
Giving Birth using water. Several thousand in circulation in the UK. With Janet Balaskas (short doc)

1992      Charlotte and Abi
Grew out of year setting up filming unit in Holloway prison (director/camera, BBC documentary)

1992     The Several Lives of Marilyn Munro
Designed prototype for interactive documentary/fiction for Phillips (director)

1991     Kafi's Story
A young man leaves the Nuba mountains in Sudan to take a second wife (co-director/camera, Channel 4 documentary)

1991     Keeping It Clean
Fiction about immigration and prejudice set in a laundrette in London (director, Fiction Thames)

1991     Words from a Dry Season, Mali
Ethnographic film about the souls of wheat in the Dogon community in Mali (co-director/camera, documentary)

1991     The Dancer and the Dance
Ethnographic film about dance performance in Yogyakarta (co-director/camera, documentary)