William Kunstler's FBI Files


The Weathermen, later know as the Weather Underground Organization, originally formed as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The Weathermen often utilized violent tactics including planning a series of bombings of federal buildings in the early and mid-1970s.

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Surveillance Report: FBI memo quoting Kunstler's statements on the Weathermen
"Kunstler gave a short discussion of why they were indicted and what their crimes were supposed to be. he stated that the Weathermen were in the same outlaw capacity as the Panthers. Weathermen are listed second in the most dangerous groups in the United States by Hoover; Panthers are listed first. Kunstler said: 'Weathermen terrorism is not tactfully correct at this moment, but they should be supported at whatever level. The movement can't be spread on tactics. They are my brothers and my sisters if they have the same end in mind. We must have unity among ourselves.' (There was a great deal of applause following this statement.)

Question: What should a college student do to change the system?

Answer: 'This would lead to an indictable statement by me.' He suggested that each student decide for himself; taking his own situation into account."


FBI Appendix on the Weathermen
Since 1970, the Weather Underground has claimed responsibility for a number of bombings, including the U.S. Capitol Building in March, 1971; the Pentagon Building in May, 1972; and the Anaconda-American Brass Company in Oakland in 1974. In October, 1973, the Weatherman fugitive, in a letter to the press, encouraged other revolutionaries to assume an underground haven for operations looking toward the violent overthrow of this government."

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