William Kunstler's FBI Files

Kunstler's Knowledge of Informants

Kunstler was aware that his actions and speeches were being closely monitored by the FBI. He often spoke out against FBI surveillance and infiltration, sometimes even addressing the informants directly.

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FBI Memorandum on a Panel Discussion on the FBI Broadcast on November 29, 1962:
"All four of the individuals were critical of the Bureau and were prone to accept unsubstantiated criticisms of the Bureau that their uncontrollable (ILLEGIBLE) was obvious throughout the program. Kunstler was the most poison-tongued of the group...'When you reach this stage, you get into the field where you are violating civil rights day in and out.'"


DETAILS - November 30, 1962:
"By memorandum ... I advised you that the New York Office had tape-recorded a panel discussion critical of the FBI which was broadcast on WBAI-FM on the night of November 29th. My memorandum pointed out that the New York Office was forwarding the tapes of the panel discussion to the Bureau.<br/ .

The tapes of the panel discussion have been received. Since WBAI-FM has not made printed transcripts of this panel discussion (as it did in the case of the interview of former SA BLANK BLANK, the Crime Research Section is transcribing the tapes. In this connection, difficulties have been encountered because (1) in several instances two or more of the panel group endeavored to speak at the same time, and (2) the voices of the panelists are frequently indistinct, which, of course, is the fault of WBAI-FM and not the New York Office."


Surveillance Report: Account of Speech at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October, 1973:

Kunstler: "They get $10 an hour we found during the Chicago trial. All these patriotic citizens who volunteered to aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation by going to public meetings and writing down choice phrases so that when they take the stand out of their mouths will come, 'he said burn down the auditorium.'"

Click on the images above to download a PDF of all the documents in this section. (7 pages)

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