Dalya's Other Country

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Directed by
Julia Meltzer

Anne Etheridge

Catherine Hollander

Original Score
Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda

Produced by
Julia Meltzer

Co-Produced by
Mustafa Rony Zeno

Associate Producer
Catherine Hollander

Iryna Kucherenko
Hillary Stewart

Additional Camera
Laurence Avent-Bradley
Julia Meltzer
Hilda Mercado
Dustin Pearlman
Rebecca Roberts

Additional Sound
Lena Alkhatib
Michelle Guasto
Julia Meltzer

Consulting Editor
Jonathan Oppenheim

Story Consult
Jen Arnold

Assistant Editors
Carly Short
Wendy Sit
Nora Sweeney

Still Photography
Gina Clyne

Production Assistants
Lama Mouawad
Carly Short
Nora Sweeney
Brianna Torres

Post-Production Services
Different By Design

Digital Intermediate Colorist
Luke Cahill

Online Editor
Josef Sipkins or Harry Locke IV

Digital Intermediate Producer
Matt Radecki

Post-Production Sound Services Provided By

Supervising Sound Editor
Zach Seivers

Sound Editor
Jared K. Neal

Dialogue Editor
Stacey Hempel

Re-recording Mixers
Zach Seivers
Stacey Hempel

Shannon C. Hensley

Title Design
Still Room Studio

Ramy Zeno

Word of Mouth

Thanks to
The Zeno / Aksh Family
David Thorne and Amina Meltzer-Thorne
Holy Family High School teachers and staff
Jen Arnold
Sasha Archibald
Itab Azzam
Diane Baer
Esther Drill
Diana el-Jeroudi
Yaz Fedda
Tom Kracauer
Mackenzie Hoffman
Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi
Grace Lee
Edina Lekovic
Robin Coste Lewis
Caroline Libresco
David Meltzer
Eve Meltzer and Joe Thometz
Joseph Meltzer and Michele Asselin
Liz Miller
Laura Nix
Orwa Nyrabia
Robert Porter
Stephanie Saldaña
Marah Strauch
Milton Tabbot
Yvonne Welbon
Savannah Wood
Bill Woolery

World Sales
Journeyman Films

Funding provided by
The Hartley Film Foundation
Chicken & Egg
The Fledgling Fund
Beth Sieroty Meltzer & Alan Sieroty

Filmmaker support
Independent Filmmaker Project

Executive Producers for American Documentary | POV
Justine Nagan
Chris White

Dalya's Other Country (w.t.) is a production of Other Country Films in association with American Documentary | POV.

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