Written, Directed and Produced by
Ian Cheney

Music by
The Fishermen Three
Ben Fries

Sharon Shattuck

Tamara Rosenberg
Colin Cheney
Julia Marchesi

Ian Cheney
Taylor Gentry

Ian Cheney
Frederick Shanahan

Astrophotography by
Ian Cheney

Additional Music by
Raphi Gottesman

Additional Astrophotography by
Taylor Gentry
Bryan Cheney

Additional Animation by
Tim Van Horn

Additional Cinematography
Bryan Cheney
Kenneth Casey Swoyer
Francisco Fagan

Additional Photography
Emily Bolevice
Don Pettit
Curt Ellis
Aron Gaudet
Tamara Rosenberg
Jesse Lewis

Associate Producers
Curt Ellis
Simon Beins
Domenic Romano

Poster Design
Tyler Nordgren

Ed Morgan
Claire Cheney
Sharon Shattuck

Sound Editor
Barbara Parks

Re-recording Mixer
Peter Levin

Best Boy and Key Grip
Dave Murphy
Sabine Hrechadkian

Stephanie Marie Miller
Anh Huynh

Danielle Chu
Gabriel Don
Susan Eves
Keith Hopkins
Carmella Mcdonald
Don Morris

Ian Baldwin
Sam Cutler-Kreutz
Jimmy O'Keefe
Alexis Rosner
Anh Huynh
Natalie Morris

Special thanks to Rooftop Films and Edgeworx Studios LLC

Produced in Association with American Documentary | POV

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Funding Provided by
The Kohlberg Foundation
The Vervane Foundation
Pam Kohlberg and Curt Greer
The Jerome Foundation
The Falconwood Foundation
Dorys McConnell Duberg Charitable Trust
Marisa Arpels and Ignacio Rodriguez
Barnes and Molly Ellis
Roland Roberts
Nicole Convery
Melissa Hopkins Smith and Alden Smith
Anna Brown
Nathaniel Lovett
Irene Boland
Bryan Cheney
Georgina Cullman
Michelle Lee
Andrew Mer
Peter Cook
Rains Paden
Tze Chun and Cara McKenney
Nara Garber
Ellie Wendell
Ava Alkon
Michael Haidas
Valerie Evering

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