Chisholm '72

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Place 1972 in a larger context.
In Context: A Brief Guide to 1972
Get your '70s on here. Learn about this tumultuous time in our history with our helpful backgrounder and timeline.

Hear other points of view about the war.
Tag: Vietnam War
Explore other POV films and website features dealing with the Vietnam War and its fallout.

Discuss online with other viewers.
Chisholm '72 Comments
What do you think was behind the reluctance of the Congressional Black Caucus and the women's movement to support Chisholm's candidacy? What will it take for a black or female candidate to win the presidency in the future? Share your comments with other viewers.

Explore how conventions have changed.
Primer: Political Conventions Past and Present
The 1972 Democratic Convention ended with presidential nominee Senator George McGovern making his acceptance speech at 2 a.m. Find out why that would never happen today.

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