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Watch an interview with the filmmaker
Filmmaker Interview: Kazuhiro Soda
"When I was shooting Campaign, I wanted to be as invisible as possible. I wanted to be a fly on the wall." Kazuhiro Soda talks about his motivations and experiences making Campaign.

More about the Japanese electoral system
Politics and Political Campaigns in Japan
Read background information on Japan's political system, the Liberal Democratic Party and the prime ministers who have held office over the past decade. Learn more about how campaigns are run in Japan, with an excerpt from Election Campaigning Japanese Style by Gerald L. Curtis.

See a gallery of images from the film
The Campaign of Kazuhiko Yamauchi
Follow candidate Kazuhiko Yamauchi's bid for a seat on the city council as he campaigns throughout Kawasaki.

Get an update on Yamauchi's political career
Film Update
Catch up with film subjects Yama-san and his wife, Sayuri, and find out about Campaign's screenings and filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda's upcoming projects.