The Camden 28

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Camden 28 - District seal

Produced, Written and Directed by:
Anthony Giacchino

Director of Photography
David Dougherty

Brandon Park

Michael Giacchino

Sound Design
Rodney Wittenberg - Melodyvision

Sound Re-Mixer
John Bosch - Ground Control Studio

Graphic Editor
Chris West

Color Correction
Will Cox

Additional Editing
Anthony Giacchino

Associate Producer
Pelin Levend

Score Assistant
Chad Seiter

16 Millimeter DP
Sean Conte

Additional Camera
Sean Dougherty
Frederic Menou
Dan Woolsey

Legal Services
David Leyden, Esq.

Historical Consultant
Michael S. Foley

August 22, 1971 Break-In Voices
Craig Archibald as Paul "Little Man" Couming
Andy Firda as Bob "Assistant" Williamson
Raymond Saraceni as John "Street" Grady
John Swinglish as John "East Portico" Swinglish

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Special Thanks
Virginia Oberlin Steel and Rutgers University, Camden
Msgr. Bob McDermott and St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral
Michael Schwartz, Derek Osenenko, Ron Karafin at the Courier-Post
Michael Panzer at the Philadelphia Inquirer
Rev. John Parker, Antioch Baptist church
John Powers at NARA
John W. Dean
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Archival Footage Courtesy of
ABC News VideoSource
BBC Worldwide Americas Inc.
NBC News Archives
The National Archives
Milwaukee 14 footage courtesy of WTMJ-TV, the Wisconsin Historical Society and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Archives
Catonsville 9 footage courtesy of Lynne Sachs

News Articles and Photographs Provided by
The New York Times Company
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Philadelphia Inquirer
Catholic Star Herald
Catholic News Service
The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
Getty Images
Juror Sam Braithwaite quoted in: Philadelphia Inquirer, May 22, 1973
Justice William Brennan quoted in: "Peace Warriors: The Story of the Camden 28"

Amazing Grace
Performed and Arranged by
Rodney Whittenberg

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The Camden 28
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