Brother Outsider

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Out in Politics


Sabrina SojournerSabrina Sojourner, former Congresswoman, was the first open lesbian to be elected to the United States Congress. In this interview, Sojourner talks about the future of freedom movements and the responsibilities that gay leaders have to their community and to the larger world. Read more »

Barney FrankBarney Frank, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, was the first openly gay U.S. Congressperson, and has served in Congress since 1981.

Here Frank explains his decision to come out publicly in 1987, and the role models who helped shape his career in public service. Read more »

Kenneth ReevesKenneth Reeves, City Council Member and former Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1992-1995, was the first openly gay African-American to head a major U.S. city.

Reeves talks about what Bayard Rustin's story means to him, and shares his perspective on the major advances and setbacks for the gay community over the past twenty years. Read more »