Brother Outsider

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The Life of Bayard Rustin: Lesson Plan

The following lesson plans utilizes the film Brother Outsider, a documentary about activist Bayard Rustin and the civil rights movement.

These lesson plans comprise a unit that uses film as a learning tool in the subject areas of Civics, U.S. History, Social Studies, and are written for grades 9 -- 12.

Brother Outsider is available for streaming on POV from January 19, 2015 through February 19, 2016. Watch now ยป

Lesson Plan 1: Examining Prejudice

In this lesson plan, students take a test to uncover hidden biases, research the struggles of people who are discriminated against, and reflect on their commitment to their beliefs and how they arrived at their own convictions.

Lesson Plan 2: Evolving Concepts of Civil Rights

In this lesson plan, students explore the origins of civil rights and the evolution of our idea of rights, using Brother Outsider and Bayard Rustin's life experience as a focus.