Boys of Baraka - hedgehog

Produced and Directed by
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

Enat Sidi

Marco Franzoni and Tony Hardmon

Original Music
J.J. McGeehan

Creative Consultant
Sam Pollard

Associate Producer
Jeremy Duhme

Additional Camera
Mira Chang
Jonny Fego
Sean Fine
Nicholas Hughes
Robert Palumbo
Sadia Shepard

Editing Assistants
Jeremy Duhme
Anne Eastman
Minnea Lin
Jacquelyn Shulman

Additional Music
J.J. Appleton

Abdoulaye Diabate
Graham Hawthorne
Mamadou Ba
Janek Gwizalda
Extra Guitars
Vincent Nguini
Deep Singh

"New Action at a Distance"
Includes Samples from "Action at a Distance" by Matmos
Under the Creative Commons Copyright

Ken Sirulnick
Glue Editing and Design

Sound Editors
Margaret Crimmins
Greg Smith
Dog Bark Sound

Re-recording Mixer
Tony Volante

Mix Facility
Soundtrack f/t

Technical Advisor
Daniel Praid

Titles and Graphics
Edward Boyce

Production Stills
Corey Kohn

Graphic Designers
Clay Weiner
Susan Barber

Production Accountant
Martha Skolnik

Production Insurance
D. Reiff & Associates

Dembitzer & Dembitzer

Production Interns
Danielle DiGiacomo
Lisa Forrest
Cameron Greve
Katherine Joaquin
Nikos Katsaounis
Jessica Saunders
Kate Tipson
Gabe Wakeman
John Welgus

Special Thanks
Ms. Mary Scanlan
Mavis Jackson
Chris Doherty
The Abell Foundation
Mary Ann Thyken
Claire Aguilar
Richard O'Connell

Marlene Velasco
Cara Mertes
Ed Burns
Vera Holly
Vanessa Pyatt
Charles Dutton
Jonathan Stack
Alexia Katsaounis
Jesse Muha

Bonnie Goldstein
Jim Grady
Paul and Mary Sue Ewing
Ray Berttula
Cynthia Shade
Doug Easdon
Maryland Division of Correction
City College High School

The Boys of Baraka are:
Devon Brown
Richard Keyser, Jr.
Montrey Moore
Romesh Vance
Darius Chambers
Dejuan Clacken

Jordon Fields
Davon Gilchrist
Edward Green
Kevin Hollman
Brandon Lane
Derek Mack
Justin Mackall
Mark McCullegan
Charles Pratt

Davon Randolph
Antwan Rooks
Clarence Ryan
Quentin Shaw
Brandon Shields
Tyrone Thornton
Michael Williams

Loki Films owes a deep debt of gratitude to the boys and their families who shared their lives with us.

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Produced for the Independent Television Service with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Produced in Association with POV | American Documentary, Inc.

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