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Crossing Borders Recent Posts
Robin Koerner

Robin Koerner:

American Healthcare: a Symptom of the Second Pathology

My purpose is to point out a false dichotomy between collective solutions and individual freedom...  »

Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang:

Hip-Hop: Pro-Logo or Pro-Liberation?

So is hip-hop, to flip Naomi Klein's neat anti-corporate globalization construction, Pro Logo? Or is it Pro-Liberation?  »

Nancy Snow

Nancy Snow:

World Cup of American Antipathy

My hope is that the American people will make it a civic duty to build understanding between the U.S. and other countries.  »

Ridge Mahoney

Ridge Mahoney:

World Cup Conclusions

American fans, who themselves numbered in the thousands, confessed to being overwhelmed by camaraderie and friendship.  »

Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt:

Bono and Brand Africa

Brand Africa, with its simple message of ongoing catastrophe, is promoted with skill, dedication, creativity and vast financial and media resources ... by aid celebrities like Bob Geldof and Bono.  »

Yiyun Li

Yiyun Li:

On (Not) Being an American Citizen

If it is a journey to become an American citizen, what would we give up to reach the destination, and what would we bring with us that we could never imagine giving up?  »

Keith Reinhard

Keith Reinhard:

The Myth of the Ugly American

Believe it or not, some Americans judge the intelligence of their international partners based on their fluency in English... »

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