U.S. Flag in grocery store aisle
Rodrigo Dorfman
Behind the Lens: Rodrigo Dorfman

Filmmaker Rodrigo Dorfman talks about what it's like to follow his father around with a video camera.

Illustration of U.S. flag in pile of office sticky notes
E Pluribus Unum

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Would you choose America if you had a choice?

Baseball and apple pie. Hip-hop and bling bling. Ben Franklin and Homer Simpson. Fenway Park and Disney World. There are so many facets to America that sometimes it seems as though America is a myth, a brand and a dream all at the same time. Would you choose America if you had a choice?

Ground Zero, New York, 2005
Ariel Dorfman: American Shadows

Playwright and author Ariel Dorfman reflects on American identity.


Every year, millions of immigrants from around the world choose to move to America. Chilean-American novelist Ariel Dorfman is one of those immigrants, and in "American Shadows," he talks about his own complex, contradictory, and fascinating notion of American identity.

Everyone has their own notion of America, and we want to know what your America looks like. Who's your favorite American? Where would you take a tourist for a taste of America? What would you choose for the national anthem?