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Gregory Warner
Behind the Mic
Radio producer Gregory Warner talks about bringing together visual and audio documentary techniques for "Bottle This" and "Invisible Creek."

Every Drop...

The Invisibility of Water
Water flows through our lives every day. But as long as our showers run and our toilets flush, we don't ask too many questions. Water becomes invisible, whether it's the expensive stuff in our bottles, or the polluted stuff under our bridges.

Bottle of water
Bottle This!
Americans spend $7.7 billion dollars a year on bottled water. We look at the facts and fantasies surrounding America's second most popular beverage. Then we launch a populist campaign for good ol' tap water.

Jon sipping from his water bottle
Not Disposable Anymore
Meet Jon Cotner, a man practically married to his plastic water bottle. Friends think it's gross. Ex-girlfriends think it's a sign of weakness, but Jon knows the right woman will understand... A story about love and misunderstanding in a disposable world.

Newtown Creek
The Invisible Creek
The largest oil spill in American history wasn't in Alaska — it was in New York City, on a waterway between Brooklyn and Queens called Newtown Creek. Travel down it and meet the group of inner city teenagers who've reclaimed these waters.
Every Drop...

Where Do You Stand?
Tell us your views on the issues. What are the politics of water where you live? How important is water in your daily routine? Do you have an innovative way to save water or to reuse disposable items? Share your thoughts about the water in your life.

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