“When we do watch The War Show, we realize that ‘they’ are really ‘us.’ And that’s always a great sign that a film has done its cinematic job. When it has taught us to be more in touch with our humanity.” — E. Nina Rothe, Huffington Post

“There will be many documentaries on Syria … but the world becomes increasingly numbed, which is why a documentary like The War Show is so essential.” — Jay Weissberg, Variety

“As the film unspools, and the joy, freedom, and camaraderie of protest give way to notes of hopelessness and helplessness, that conversation [on liberty or death] reverberates, underscoring the personal stakes of this political struggle.” — Jason Baily, Flavorwire

 “Frequently fascinating.” — Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

“A number of documentaries have highlighted the gruesome violence against Syrians amid that country’s civil war. But The War Show … highlights the emotional toll of the conflict on Syrian young people.” — Jason McLure, KBIA

 “It is the perfect, compelling illustration of how Syria became a war show like none before.” — Kaleem Aftab, The National

 The War Show is a highly personal documentary on the Syrian conflict.” — Ella Ide, The Daily Star

 “Most documentaries could only hope to include as many striking, lingering, moving moments.” — Sarah Ward, Screen Daily

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