Among the tumult and turmoil of our world, stories that inspire. This season on POV, we meet individuals who re-engergize, heal and buoy our spirits with their tenacity and conviction. From a Philly hip-hop artist carrying out the quiet duty of fatherhood to a former death penalty juror seeking closure 20 years after condemning a man to death, discover stories from around the country and world this season on PBS. Meet our new season:

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Community partners can borrow these new documentaries to host free sneak-preview screenings before they broadcast on PBS. This special opportunity is reserved for members of the POV Community Network, a 11,000 member-strong network of community leaders leveraging documentary film to start conversations around the most pressing social issues of our time. Want to start community dialogue with films, but not sure where to begin? Email the POV Engage team at and we’ll help you get started.

There are just a couple quick steps to borrow films for sneak-preview screenings:

  • Join the POV Community Network. Check your inbox for a link to confirm your email address. A member of our team will approve your registration within 1 business day.
  • Request: Once approved, log in to your account and click “My Events” to register a screening.

The POV Engage team is here to help make your event a success! For each film, we supply promotion and engagement tools, available through the films’ listings on the POV Community Network. Be sure to get in touch with a member of our team if there are ways we can better support you.

Visit our local events calendar for a full list of events happening across the country.

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