What are your plans for celebrating Earth Day 2018? We have an idea: Starting April 1, Bill Nye: Science Guy is available to screen for free through POV’s DVD Lending Library. Sign up now in the POV Community Network to host a screening in your community, and check out the Partner Toolkit for discussion resources.

The star of the popular kids show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” has turned his focus to adults. His mission is to stop the spread of anti­-scientific thinking across the world, engaging with those who deny climate change, evolution and a science-­based worldview. The 90s television icon is now advocating for the importance of scientific research and education in public life. Bill Nye: Science Guy poses important questions about the role of evidence­-based science education in public life. For example:

  • What are our obligations as citizens—both nationally and globally—to discuss and act upon scientific research about climate change?
  • What is the best way to reach people who disagree with you on issues that are vital to the public interest?

Through the POV Community Network, you can screen Bill Nye: Science Guy and provide a space for conversations between citizens, educators, parents and students. Screenings and discussions can be held in a variety of settings, including the following:

  • School Board or parent group meetings
  • Religious congregations or other faith­based gatherings
  • Hearings with local legislators considering science or climate-­related initiatives
  • Environmental advocacy group meetings
  • Events hosted by your local library, block clubs, and other civic groups

Want to host a screening? Here’s how:

  1. Join the POV Community Network by visiting: pov.org/communitynetwork (A
    member of our team will approve your registration within one business day)
  2. Log in to your account and click “My Events” to register a screening

Questions? Comments? Contact us at events@pov.org or on Twitter @povengage

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