Where: Calvary Baptist Church, 755 8th St NW, Washington, D.C.

When: 12/7/2017 at 6:30pm

Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) by Mikaela Shwer

As debates about DACA rage on at Capitol Hill, join the Sojourners at the nearby Calvary Baptist Church in D.C. for a free screening of Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie). Angy Rivera, the film’s protagonist, and Silvana Arista, Attorney at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, will join the panel for a discussion of immigration reform, gender justice, and the faith community. For more information on the event, visit Calvary Baptist’s event calendar.

Don’t Tell Anyone Conversation Starter:

Angy says, “Sometimes my mom would tell me stories about the violence and poverty in Colombia. About the gangs, the drugs and the traffickers that she was scared of.” She is angry that her mother “is criminalized for wanting to raise her daughter in a safer living condition.” Do you see her mother as a criminal? How do Maria’s motives for coming to the U.S. compare with those of immigrants in previous generations?

For more discussion prompts, download the discussion guide.

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