Since 1988, we’ve presented more than 500 nonfiction films to public television audiences across the country. From our extensive archive, we brought back three classic POV documentaries for free streaming throughout 2017: The End of the Nightstick, Rabbit in the Moon and William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe.

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The End of the Nightstick (1994)
This startling expose unravels a history of abuse of suspects by the Chicago police. For more than a decade, the press and authorities turned a blind eye to allegations of torture — including the use of electric shocks — until persistent grass roots organizations exerted enough pressure to prompt an official investigation, and eventually the dismissal of a ranking police commander.
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Rabbit in the Moon (1999)
Like many Japanese Americans released from WWII internment camps, the young Omori sisters did their best to erase the memories and scars of life under confinement. Fifty years later acclaimed filmmaker Emiko Omori asks her older sister and other detainees to reflect on the personal and political consequences of internment.
Streaming ends January 12, 2018
1999 News & Documentary Emmy Winner

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe (2010)
William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe examines the life of this radical attorney from a surprising angle. Kunstler’s two daughters from his second marriage grew up lionizing a man already famous for his historic civil rights and anti-war cases. Then, in their teens, they began to be disillusioned by a stubborn man who continued representing some of the most reviled defendants in America — this time accused rapists and terrorists. In this intimate biography, Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler seek to recover the real story of what made their late father one of the most beloved, and hated, lawyers in America.
Streaming ends January 12, 2018

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