Where: Sorenson Unity Center

When: Thursday, December 1 @ 7 p.m.

From This Day Forward
by Sharon Shattuck

Join KUED and Sorenson Unity Center for a free screening of From This Day Forward. In conjunction with the film series, KUED will have an interactive exhibit where the public are encouraged to take instant photos of themselves, with the provided camera, and share their voice to tell the community what makes them: diverse, unique, or represents their cultural heritage, by writing on their photo. The photos are added to the exhibit and will be on display through the film series. For more information, please call (801) 535-6533.

About the Sorenson Unity Center: Our vision at the Sorenson Unity Center is to be a vibrant and creative community gathering place where all cultures are celebrated and welcomed. We aspire to play a key role in the collaborative neighborhood development and implementation of grassroots solutions to improve the quality of life and equity of opportunity for Salt Lake City residents. We expect to accomplish this vision by cultivating strong relationships with City residents and organizational partners, building our organizational capacity and facilitating increased public engagement.

From This Day Forward Conversation Starter: Sharon says, “I think for a lot of kids of LGBT parents you’re just as much in the closet until you start coming out about your parents.” What could you do to create a safe space so that kids like Sharon and Laura felt comfortable being open about their parents?

For more prompts for discussion, download the From This Day Forward Discussion Guide.

Visit our local events calendar for a full list of events happening across the country and join our Community Network to host a screening of your own!

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