Where: Brooklyn Museum

When: Saturday, January 2nd @ 8:00pm

Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie)
by Mikaela Shwer

Join the Brooklyn Museum for a screening of Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) to kick off the new year and the first Target First Saturday of 2016. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Angy Rivera, featured in the film. For more information, visit the Brooklyn Museum website.

About Brooklyn Museum & Target First Saturdays: At the Brooklyn Museum you can explore an extensive and comprehensive permanent collection that includes ancient Egyptian masterpieces, African art, European painting, decorative arts, period rooms, and contemporary art. You’ll also experience intelligent, cutting-edge exhibitions and programs that reflect a fresh view of traditional and historical works as well as engagement with today’s most important artists and artistic practices and ideas.

Target First Saturdays bring engaging and eclectic free art and entertainment programs every month (except September), from 5 to 11 p.m.

Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) Conversation StarterAngy asserts, “Who I am is so much more than ‘Angy, the undocumented girl.'” What sorts of traits do you associate with the label “undocumented”? Do you think those traits adequately describe Angy? What labels have been used to describe you? Were they accurate?

For more prompts for discussion, download the Don’t Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie) Discussion Guide.

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