Read what POV viewers have to say about last week’s premiere of American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. Watch it free online then add your reaction using the hashtag #AmericanRevolutionary.

“fascinating, amazing, wonderful woman!”
Cecile CC Walker on Facebook

“Watched #AmericanRevolutionary My heart is pumping &my eyes r watering! #Solutionary”
@VBenabdallah on Twitter

“feeling v. inspired, but it’ll be hard to fall asleep w/ so much to think abt in #AmericanRevolutionary Thanks @GLBoggsFilm @anothergracelee”
@MRofheart on Twitter

“@PBS #AmericanRevolutionary Grace Lee Boggs was very inspiring. The promotion of creativity and ideas is essential. An amazing individual”
@KaitSwanberg on Twitter

“This was a fantastic documentary about her life and participation in the writing of out history. Her perspective is amazing and merciful. She is an inspiration and encourages us all to take responsibility for the shaping of our world and our future.”
Coral Jernigan

“This documentary about Grace Lee Boggs was SO GOOD!!! … This is what I like so much about PBS is that I learn about so many great people/events that I’ve never heard of before, or perhaps DID hear of but didn’t understand.”
Barb Shillinger

“The documentarian, Grace Lee presented thoughtful insight into this most deserving story of the Black struggle and the philosophical stranger who adopted that cause, becoming one of it’s leader and an inspiration for generations of Americans over her long and important life. Thanks to you and PBS, grace Lee!”

“Wow… I don’t know what else to say. I am overcome with emotion having watched the documentary, ‘American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs’…Thank you Grace, for you have ‘Grace’d’ our lives with your strength, knowledge and passion. I have learned a lot tonight. Thank you Grace Lee for making such an important documentary.”

“Awesome documentary. Enjoyed every moment.”

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