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“This program will stay with me. Extremely well done!!”

“Watching this now and it’s wonderful. Beautifully honest, unexpectedly humorous and so touching.”

“It made me laugh, cheer, and reflect – all of those emotions that make up the human spirit. I would be considered physically abled, yet this film inspired me to see that we are ALL abled in unique, perhaps special ways.”
Betty Scott

“Best documentary I’ve seen in a while. Insightful!”
@AlmaKrilic on Twitter

“Truly inspiring POV on PBS tonight. Wonderfully uncynical. #MyWayToOlympia”
@BurekSteve on Twitter

“So grateful I caught #MyWayToOlympia on @PBS @povdocs. What a great film!”
?@ohfriendship on Twitter

“Amazingly awesome film. Love these guys. Such a great interviewer. #MyWayToOlympia”
@inthesinbin1 on Twitter

“Love the warmth, humor and lack of sentimentality in the film and how it “naturalizes” disabilities. The athletes and the filmmaker are truly inspiring.”

“just watched it, now I’m crying, incredibly filmed, I loved it, thank you”
Edwina Frankford on Facebook

“this film is greatly appreciated for having both sides…[it] is much more realistic & all encompassing of true society.”

“#MyWaytoOlympia @Paralympic families we are all the same. Thank you @PBS and @povdocs for showing our athletes are driven. #dedication”
@PCFclub on Twitter

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