Read what POV viewers have to say about American Promise, which is available to watch online until March 6, 2014.

“Watched #AmericanPromise on #POV #PBS three times so far! It’s #amazing ! I laughed. I cried. I saw my parents. I saw myself.”
@professorminter (Twitter)

“As an African American who graduated from Dalton over 40 years ago and who stayed involved with the school on the alumni level, largely to connect with the students of color there, I found this documentary qutie telling. Forty years later, African American students are still facing many of the same issues that I faced at Dalton.”

“I am a 28 yr old black guy who attended Dalton from 1989-1997…I wanted to be liked, accepted, to be admired– popular. All of which eluded me at Dalton.”
Dalton Boy

“To hear Idris say in one part of the documentary that it would be better if I were white broke my heart.”

“I literally sat and cried at the graduation scene when Seun was asked to leave Dalton. I know the complex feelings he and his family must have faced.”
Dominique Atchison

“Every parent should be required to see this thought provoking film.”

“Take away race, income, and parental style and you still have an interesting real world account of two youth attempting to find their own motivation and interests on the journey to becoming an adult.”
Heston Clark

“I related to the desire of wanting the best education for my children but at what cost to the child.”

“The most crucial aspect I saw in this film is the the cohesiveness of the family unit and the leadership and love of the fathers to guide their sons, despite all the obstacles that came their way.”

“This film took my breath away! While watching with my husband, we felt like we were seeing life in our own home.”
Celestine Jeffreys

“#AmericanPromise: the most touching documentary I’ve ever seen. I felt as if I grew up with the subjects. Loved it.”
@FredericScholar (Twitter)

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