Read what POV viewers have to say about Brooklyn Castle, which is available to watch online until November 6, 2013.

“This was one of the most inspiring stories I have ever watched on P.O.V. These kids give me hope for the future. The parents, teachers, and school admin were so impressive in their dedication and sheer determination to give these kids such an experience in their school. I applaud you in bringing this story to the public. I was riveted!!”
Cathi DuBose (Facebook)

“Well done, on so many levels! It’s a beautifully done film that is a testament to public schools, teachers, inspired students and their parents. So sad to see that Mr. Rubino left his physical form – I only say it that way because it is obvious his effect is still present and will continue in all of the teachers and students that knew him.”

“These parents, kids, teachers, mentors, and coaches are AWESOME! I wish the kids all of the best and encourage them to keep reaching for their dreams! To the parents I commend you for your hard work and sacrifice!”
Lisa B.H.

“I wish all these kids the best. I know it’s not an easy road for them and kudos to the dedicated teachers and administrators. Ages ago I took that specialized exam and attended Stuyvesant High School. It was a great experience and definitely changed my life and I can only wish the same for all those who are focused and working hard to achieve their goals. Good luck.”

“This was an amazing special, so impressed with these kids and the documentary in general. Thanks so much for this.”
Jennifer Charter

“I’m such a sucker for stories about achieving goals and dreams. #Crying Just saw #BrooklynCastle Great documentary! #PBS #PovSeries”
@mstracymartin (Twitter)

“Spending Saturday afternoon watching #BrooklynCastle and bawling my eyes out. Jesus. #education #inspirational #minorityouth”
@MarieManuel17 (Twitter)

“Can’t wait to see #56UP on #POV next ep. #BrooklynCastle had smiling and tearing up at the end. Thanks #PBS!!!!”
@Liekman (Twitter)

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