Neurotypical is streaming online through August 28th, so it’s not too late to enter our Premiere Party giveaway for a chance to win the Neurotypical DVD and poster (signed by director Adam Larsen), plus the High Tech, Low Life and Only The Young DVDs!

You can enter the giveaway before or after you watch the film — just fill out the entry form here.

There is no typical way have a Premiere Party and people have done everything from hosting potlucks to watching with their kids and eating ice cream.  Here are some ideas and responses from Neurotypical viewers:

  • “We will be watching with family as we have a 4 year old son diagnosed with Autism and this is our life. Hopefully this film will help our family understand our son better.”
  • “I sent out 30+ invites to a “virtual” party to all of my son’s supporters: personal care assistants, teachers, principal, music teachers, some parents at the school, doctors, and family, as well as to other families who have autistic kids and loved ones.”
  • “We will be keeping our Premiere Party simple, with family and friends… What a great way to help people understand what our children go through  and what their thoughts are on relationships, growing up, their thought process, etc. We will be creating a Premiere Party invite online for our friends/family unable to make it to our party, asking them to take time to view the film.”
  • “I’m inviting the women of our local Women-with-Asperger’s Meet-up. We’ve been meeting weekly for nearly a year, an amazing opportunity to socialize with women who already understand the issues we face when socializing. I will invite the women and their husbands, many of whom are also on the spectrum. It will be a very simple affair as too many complications can be overwhelming, to hostess and guests.”
  • “Just a handful of friends who enjoy documentaries. Of course wine & cheese will be served.”

Premiere Party winners will also receive organic popcorn from Quinn Popcorn, Fair-Trade and organic dark chocolate from Divine Chocolate and Fair-Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from Grounds for Change, plus a POV reusable tote bag.

Entry is also still open for Herman’s House which is still streaming online but hurry because it closes on this Thursday, August 8th! Plus- ALL entries will be eligible for the Grand Prize!

Enter now at: www.pbs.org/pov/premiere-party/

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