Your votes will determine the People’s Choice Winner in PBS’s 2013 Online Film Festival! Voting ends March 22, 2013.

The PBS 2013 Online Film Festival has begun! Watch the films and vote to show your support for these amazing short documentaries presented by POV!

Vote for CatCam at the PBS 2013 Online Film Festival.

Directed by Seth Keal
An engineer straps a camera on a stray cat in North Carolina and inadvertently creates a media sensation. Vote for CatCam »

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Vote for Sin País at the PBS 2013 Online Film Festival.

Sin País
Directed by Theo Rigby
Winner of a 2012 Student Academy Award®, Sin País explores a family’s experience as members are separated by deportation. Vote for Sin País »

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Vote for Ars Magna at the PBS 2013 Online Film Festival.

Ars Magna
Directed by Cory Kelley
Nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy® Award, Ars Magna enters into the obsessive and fascinating world of anagrams with a man who took the first three lines of Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be” and created what has been called “the world’s greatest anagram.” Vote for Ars Magna »

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Vote for Sound of Vision at the PBS 2013 Online Film Festival.

Sound of Vision
Directed by Team 20Coop
A blind musician spends his waking hours confronting the hurdles and embracing the cacophony of “The City That Never Sleeps” — New York — which he will never see. Vote for Sound of Vision »

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Find out more about the PBS 2013 Online Film Festival in the video below and check out more surprising short stories — that only public media could tell — on the official festival site. For updates on the festival, follow #PBSolff on Twitter.

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