Last week, My Reincarnation premiered on PBS, kicking off POV’s 25th season. Viewers have been posting their reactions to the film, which spans 20 years and chronicles the relationship between a Tibetan Buddhist master and his Western-born son.

Read some of their comments, compiled from Facebook, Twitter, and the My Reincarnation film companion site:

“My wife is Thai Buddhist and I have studied Buddhism after growing up and becoming disillusioned with Catholicism. My Reincarnation is the most important program I have seen in a very long time. So much was presented and so much left me time to consider ideas with a new perspective.”
Francis B Smith III (via Facebook)

“Extraordinary. Excellent job. A true labor of love to document this.”
Carolyn Gayle (via Facebook)

“moved to tears when he went to tibet. talk about heritage!”
Jessolyn Ettinger (via Facebook)

“I really enjoyed the film. It made me feel closer to Buddha and helped my own enlightenment. Thanks so much.”
Ellen Flateau (via Facebook)

“Like all #PBS programs, I’ll be thinking about #MyReincarnation for a long time. Thanks, @PBS & @povdocs! #pondering”
@playsthetart (via Twitter)

“Loved the movie-thank you so so much for making this film Jennifer! Just found NN so amazing, how totally spacious his mind is and how skillfully he let his son find his own path. Also just beautifully filmed. Big kudos to you on this project! May everyone benefit!”
Karen Smith (via Facebook)

“P.O.V. – reminding us what Television – and public communications in general – COULD be!”
Alan Kobrin (via Facebook)

“Interesting life always with a house full of people. Good that the son got to walk his own walk.”
Phyllis Cameron (via Facebook)

“I loved this quiet and deep journey! Thank you!”
Eliza Strode (via Facebook)

“Extraordinary film.”
Carolyn Gayle (via Facebook)

Have you watched My Reincarnation yet? The film is streaming free online until September 20. Join the conversation on, on Twitter @povdocs, or on Facebook and tell us what you think.

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