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Morgan Wilcock

PBS announced today that it will launch its first Online Film Festival and showcase of 20 short films from independent filmmakers. Featured in the selections is the Project Voicescape winner for Best Documentary This Gay and Age. This Gay and Age will be featured in in the group of films appropriately themed “Growing Pains” that will be showcased starting on Monday, March 5, 2012.

Project VoiceScape is a partnership with Adobe Youth Voices, PBS and POV to mentor today’s best young documentary filmmakers. During the making of This Gay and Age, director Morgan Wilcock was paired up with documentary filmmaker Natalia Almada (El General, Al Otro Lado, El Velador) who gave her the advice of beginning “filmmaking equipped, before anything, with a point of entry — i.e., a simple question that drives the pursuit of footage.”

In her documentary, Morgan’s line of inquiry was to uncover the role of the media and differing cultural settings in shaping today’s teen experience of sexual identity. “Television programs, popular songs, and news reports either strongly advocate gay and lesbian expression or suppress it, rarely finding middle ground,” she said. “Students, as a result, are forced to make drastic decisions about where they stand on the issue, for better or worse.”

The Online Film Festival will last from Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 30, 2012 and can be accessed via the PBS Online Film Festival website and PBS’s YouTube channel.

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