August 4, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

A James Baldwin Documentary Is Said To Be In The Works And It Sounds Promising
James Arthur Baldwin was a man who wasn’t afraid to shake up the system. His work and his words continue to uplift, inspire, and reckon with the systemic oppression of black folks across the globe. It’s a shame that his life and legacy hasn’t been developed for the silver screen – but this may soon change. According to Shadow & Act, Haitian filmmaker and political activist, Raoul Peck has not only been developing a feature length documentary about Baldwin, but has been working on the project for the last six years and for good reason. Until then, you can enjoy a 1963 documentary titled “Take This Hammer,” which follows Baldwin around San Fransisco.
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Watch | KQED’s “Take This Hammer”

Ava DuVernay Will Be First African American Woman to Helm $100 Million Film
Ava DuVernay will be the first African American woman to helm a live-action feature with a budget over $100 million. Only two other women have directed live-action films with a budget in this range.
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Lima Fest Turns 20, as Peruvian Pic Production Surges
Peru’s Lima Film Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary as its local pic industry is reporting dramatic growth. National production levels have spiked over the past three years, from 12 releases in 2013 to at least 21in 2015, with expectations for an average output of 20 in subsequent years. Peru has also earned its place on the world stage for the extraordinary appeal of its cuisine, with some of the top restaurants in the world based in Lima.
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Add 36 of Kubrick’s Favorite Films To Your Watchlist, Immediately
It’s hot, and the dog days of August are truly looming upon us. If that’s got your creative well running dry, then one of the the best ways to refill it is by immersing yourself in the work of others. We’d give you some advice on films to watch, but who are we to trust? Stanley Kubrick on the other hand? Yeah, he’s probably pretty reliable.
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Watch: I, Destini by 25 New Face Filmmakers Nicholas Pilarski and Destini Riley
Filmmakers Nicholas Pilarski and Destini Riley landed on this year’s 25 New Faces list on the basis of I, Destini, their haunting animation dealing with familial loss and the criminal justice system. The short has just gone online at the New York Times as part of its Op-Docs series, and the two have penned an essay about the piece’s subject matter and collaboration at the Times.
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Why Indie Distributor Ryan Krivoshey Is Moving Into Issue-Based Film Production
Film distribution veteran Ryan Krivoshey is taking a page from the success of An Inconvenient Truth, advocating for global issues by betting on film as the most potent tool for spreading awareness. The Founder and President of indie distributor Grasshopper Film recently formed a new production company, Grasshopper + Marks Productions, which focuses on producing issue-based films whose stories can inspire major movements.
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