August 19, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

How a New Zealand Journalist Poked the Underbelly of the Competitive Tickling World
The film follows David Farrier, a New Zealand journalist, as he pursues – and is pursued by – key figures in the world of “competitive endurance tickling”: where young, athletic men wearing professional-looking sport kits are restrained and tickled by each other, at length.
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San Francisco Film Society Announces Finalists For 2016 Documentary Film Fund
Today, the San Francisco Film Society today announced the ten finalists for the 2016 SFFS Documentary Film Fund awards totaling $75,000. The SFFS Documentary Film Fund supports feature-length documentaries in postproduction and was created to support singular nonfiction film work. Finalists were selected from more than 200 applications, and winners will be announced in mid-September. Read about the ten finalists here.
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Documentaries Make An Impact Through Artistry As Much As Advocacy
The producer of Swim Team shares how doc impact isn’t only through advocacy: “Film is a powerful medium to change people’s perspectives, but impact isn’t easily measured. This is true even when there’s a strong social issue, but quantifying impact is doubly difficult when the film is not singularly focused on a cause and more concerned with characters, story and cinema. Nevertheless, these films have the ability to absorb and deeply affect viewers.”
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Regional Filmmakers With an International Footprint: 50 Years of Kartemquin Films
Kartemquin Films is celebrating their 50th anniversary throughout 2016, and today The Museum of the Moving Image’s ten-day retrospective on the Chicago collective begins. Doc Soup’s Tom Roston spoke with co-founder Gordon Quinn and the museum’s associate curator Eric Hynes about the thoughtful celebration of nonfiction.
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Watch: Full ‘KAROLYI’ Documentary on Martha and Bela Karolyi
From Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton to the Magnificent Seven, Fierce Five and Final Five, Martha and Bela Karolyi have played an immense role in the last 40 years of gymnastics and Olympic history. With Martha preparing to retire after the Rio Olympics, NBC Sports Films looked at their early years in Romania, defection to the U.S. and building of an American dynasty. Narrated by John Benajmin Hickey, the full 51-minute KAROLYI documentary is available to watch now.
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Zooming in on the Creative Process, One Artist at a Time
Noteworthy, a new video documentary series from NPR Music, spends a day with a musician to understand the real work that goes into the creative process: how they get ideas for melodies and lyrics, the places and people that inspire them.
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