August 31, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

CAAM to Launch ‘Who Is American?’ Education Campaign On Chinese Exclusion Act
In 1882, President Chester A. Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act into law, effectively prohibiting Chinese immigration into the United States. The law wasn’t repealed until 61 years later, and to this day, the act remains the only piece of federal legislation to single out a specific race and nationality for exclusion from U.S. immigration and citizenship. The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) has launched the “Who Is American?” fundraising campaign to spread educational outreach about the law’s history, partnering with the filmmakers of The Chinese Exclusion Act to spark awareness and discussion.
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Kings Of Streaming: Where Do We Stand In The Battle For Your OTT Viewing Time?
Who’s winning the streaming war? If we’re judging by subscribers only, then the answer is simple: It’s Netflix . Unlike the linear TV universe, which wants your eyeballs, the OTT world are happy with just your blind loyalty. The question of “who’s watching?” is not as relevant as you might think. So how are these content combatants measuring who is outperforming whom?
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Michael Moore Recalls His O.J. Simpson Post-Murder Trail Interview That Will Never Be Released
Michael Moore sat down with Seth Meyers on Monday night’s “Late Night” where, aside from recalling meeting Donald Trump for the first time, he talked about how he landed O.J. Simpson’s first post-murder trial interview. Fox offered to air it as a special, but Moore ultimately said no.
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VIFF Adds M/A/D Docs
The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) announced additional documentary selections for its 2016 today. The M/A/D stream highlighting music, art, and design features 16 documentaries this year covering a range of subjects from the world of art and culture.
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A New Study Has Found That Journalists Really Do Read the Comments
“All the journalists we interviewed reported reading comments, at least occasionally. Some embraced this task enthusiastically, seeing it as a necessary and welcome expansion of their duties. As a freelancer with 12 years’ experience described it: “I sometimes see the comments as the extra track on the album.” His thoughts were typical of other journalists who embraced the comments.”
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