July 15, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

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Here Are the Cameras Used By the 2016 Best Cinematography Emmy Nominees
The nominations for the 68th Emmy was announced yesterday, but people are already curious as to what the final result will be. Before you start making your bets, find out what cameras were used to capture the scenes from Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones and more. You can also see the full list of nominees here.
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Aging and Alone in Manhattan’s Chinatown
King-Sim Ng, 80, has been living alone in Manhattan’s Chinatown for over 15 years. Watch Mantai Chow’s short documentary, The Forgotten Ones, to see her journey and to learn more about senior citizens who are struggling to live in the city as they grow old alone.
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What YouTube taught me about Facebook Live and violent footage
Video has and is continuing to play an important role in journalism, especially with recent cases of the shooting of Philando Castle and Alton Sterling. Former YouTube product manager weighs in on the ethics of media companies filtering videos of violence, and how Facebook Live and Periscope can do more than exist as tools for activism.
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America In Black & Blue, A PBS Newshour Weekend Special
The interactions between police and communities color during just the past few weeks in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Dallas have frustrated many across the nation. In response to these incidents, PBS Newshour is hosting a weekend special dedicated to these interactions, digging deeper into the roots of the issues and putting various voices in conversation with each other. The special starts tonight at 9pm EST.
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IndieWire Turns 20: An Oral History of Supporting Filmmakers and Partying at Sundance From Those Who Lived It
One of our favorite sources for independent filmmaking news is none other than IndieWire, who is celebrating its 20th birthday today. Hear from co-founders Eugene Hernandez, Cheri Barner and Mark Rabinowitz as they recall how an email newsletter grew into a full-fledged publication, covering everything from film reviews to Sundance.
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5 Days in Maine: A Report from the Camden/TFI Retreat
The Camden International Film Festival (CIFF), Tribeca Film INstitute (TFI) and CNN Films held a five-day intensive seminar in Maine to provide five US-based filmmaking teams with professional guidance, master classes and mentorship, led by a cross-section of industry experts. Participants Aman and Zeshawn Ali wrote a diary of their experiences during the second annual filmmaker retreat – read it now!
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On the Campaign Trail: Documentaries and Mockumentaries
Starting tomorrow, there will be a presidential election-focused series of documentary film screenings and events at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. If you are in the area, be sure to check out a screening or two, including AJ Schnack’s Caucus and Marshall Curry’s Street Fight – the filmmakers are to make appearances in-person.
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