June 6, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Muhammad Ali Documentaries To Watch In Honor Of The Legendary Heavyweight Champion’s Life
Many across the nation continue to mourn as the great boxing legend and peace activist, Muhammad Ali, passed away this past Friday at the age of 74. As a prominent figure in society, Ali was also a subject of many documentaries – remember the boxer and activist through film.
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5 Films to See at South Africa’s Encounters International Documentary Film Festival
The Encounters International Documentary Film Festival is well underway, showing a rich variety of films across four cinemas in Cape Town and Johannesburg. With topics ranging from anti-apartheid activism to what it means to be transgender in Uganda, here’s just a pick of five films that are worth watching and why.
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Fixing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) is the 1998 law that preserves documentary filmmakers’ abilities to make fair use in the digital age. The law makes it illegal to rip from DVDs or other encrypted media, even for documentary filmmakers who often need access to high-quality media in order to make criticism, commentary or other forms of fair use. Together with Film Independent and Kartemquin Educational Films, the IDA submitted some suggestions for improving the process.
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Podcast: Why We Still Love to Argue About Movies
This week marks the 100th episode of Screen Talk, IndieWire’s weekly film discussion podcast. Looking back on all their discussions to date, this special podcast examines the ongoing inability for the studio system to support quality filmmaking — and find some counterexamples on the festival circuit (including the current Los Angeles Film Festival) and among this week’s new releases.
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Ai Weiwei Wants You to Know That Surveillance Isn’t Just a Problem in China
Artist activist Ai Weiwei is no newcomer what it’s like to be under surveillance as an openly critical voice against the Chinese government. Through his art and activism, Ai Weiwei wants people to know that surveillance is a global issue that concerns us all, especially those of us in the creative fields. His most recent solo exhibit, Overrated, includes works dating from 2014 to 2015 and all address state abuses of power.
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Top Women Cinematographers Reveal 7 Best Tips for Career Success
A panel of women cinematographers revealed what it takes to be successful in a predominantly male industry at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Interest in your subjects and meticulous notetaking are just two of the tips.
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