June 8, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Charles Ferguson on Why Things Have Gotten Worse Since An Inconvenient Truth
Filmmaker Charles Ferguson has always chased after challenging subject matter with his documentaries, from the Iraq war in 2007’s No End in Sight to the global financial crisis in 2010’s Inside Job. His latest film, Time to Choose, which opened in theaters Friday and is narrated by Oscar Isaac, focuses on another huge disaster: climate change, and the worsening effects of humans burning fossil fuels.
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Inequality front-and-center at Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Documentaries and narrative features illuminating women’s rights, gender equality and LGBTQ issues, environmental activism, and the violence of urban gangs and drug cartels, by filmmakers from around the world, are being showcased in the 2016 Human Rights Watch Film Festival. The festival, which has toured several cities in the U.S. and Europe since January, is being presented in New York City beginning Friday.
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Newtown Documentary Gets 1st Public Connecticut Screening
Mark Barden and David Wheeler share intimate details of their families’ struggles following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, a documentary that gets its first public showing in Connecticut this weekend. The men, whose children were among the 26 people gunned down inside the school in December 2012, told The Associated Press they wanted people to understand the grief in Newtown and to open up some lines of communication among those affected by the tragedy.
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Snapchat Updates Discover and Live Stories with New Tiles and Subscriptions
Snapchat’s Discover redesign launched Tuesday, and publishers hope it will lead to more views and followers. The redesign turns the media hub into a more visual experience, with tiles that act as covers teasing to the content that’s inside Discover, as opposed to the older design with just plain media logos. And Discover channels will have a subscribe button so that their content goes to the top of followers’ feeds daily.
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There are Now More Americans Working for Online-only Outlets Than Newspapers
Digital publishing, meanwhile, has grown considerably. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now more Americans working for online publishers and broadcasters than for newspapers. And Radio broadcasting jobs fell from January 1990 to March 2016 by about 27 percent.
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Upcoming festivals and deadlines
This Week

  • Encounters South African International Documentary Festival 6/2-6/12
  • Early Deadline: IDA Documentary Awards 6/7
  • Deadline: NEH Digital Projects for the Public 6/8
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest: Sheffield International Documentary Festival 6/10-6/15
  • Seattle International Film Festival 5/19-6/12
  • LA Film Festival 6/1-6/9
  • Seattle International Brooklyn Film Festival 6/3-6/12
  • Seattle International Film Festival 5/19-6/12
  • Alliance 2016 (Oakland CA)
  • Cross Video Days 2016 Content Market 6/8-6/10
  • Greenwich International Film Festival 6/9-6/12
  • Greenwich International Film Festival 6/9-6/12
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival, New York 6/10-6/19

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