June 10, 2016 | POV’s daily list of essential reading for the documentary and independent filmmaking community.

Explore ‘Alternate Realities’ at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016
Sheffield Doc/Fest, the U.K.’s premier documentary festival celebrating the art and business of documentary, officially kicksoff today. On top of many great film screenings, there will also be a program solely dedicated to interactive and virtual reality projects – Alternate Realities. From mixed reality to web documentaries, here’s a preview of some of the panels and projects to check out at the festival.
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ESPN’s ‘OJ: Made in America’ Documentary: 7 Things You Need to Know
Tomorrow, ESPN’s “30 for 30” 7-part documentary series O.J.: Made in America will premiere on ABC, bringing the infamous murder case into the spotlight once again. While details of the violent murders, Simpon’s bizarre Bronco chase, and the subsequent trial of the century captivated America, the new documentary series reveals a number of new facts about the context of the case and the flawed man at the center.
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Can a Documentary ever be truly Objective?
Director Gianfranco Rosi talks about his process of filming his subjects, and how to find the truth and capture it on camera. Rosi’s documentary Fire at Sea is an examination of the migrant crisis’s impact on an Italian island outpost; the film won the prestigious Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival this year.
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The 2016 LA Film Festival Announces Competition Category Winners
The 2016 LA Film Festival award winners were announced yesterday at the Festival Lounge at the historic Culver Studios yesterday. Both the Documentary Award and Audience Award for Documentary Feature Film went to Jonah Markowitz and Tracy Wares’ Political Animals, and the Award for Short Documentary went to Yung Chang’s The Gatekeeper. The festival officially ended yesterday, but keep an eye out for these award-winning films!
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DOC NYC Announces Expanded Industry Program for 7th Edition, Sets Visionaries Tribute Date
America’s largest documentary film festival, DOC NYC, annnounced its expanded industry focused programs that will be featured during the seventh edition of the film festival. Just to note a few, there will be a full day dedicated to Short List filmmakers (Short List Day) and an opportunity for 6 filmmakers to pitch in a roomful of leading industry players (Pitch Perfect). The festival is set to take place from November 10-17.
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How To Shoot Short in One-Hour and Become a Better Filmmaker While Doing It
Cameron Miller-DeSart is a Los Angeles-based DIY filmmaker and founder of Photon Harvest Productions, an independent movie production company. This past year, Miller-DeSart has been experimenting with a unique process of making shorts that he can shoot in 60 minutes or less. Try stripping away all the things that may be preventing you from making films such as resources – you may be surprised by the outcome.
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Upcoming festivals and deadlines
This Week

  • Encounters South African International Documentary Festival 6/2-6/12
  • Early Deadline: IDA Documentary Awards 6/7
  • Deadline: NEH Digital Projects for the Public 6/8
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest: Sheffield International Documentary Festival 6/10-6/15
  • Seattle International Film Festival 5/19-6/12
  • LA Film Festival 6/1-6/9
  • Seattle International Brooklyn Film Festival 6/3-6/12
  • Seattle International Film Festival 5/19-6/12
  • Alliance 2016 (Oakland CA)
  • Cross Video Days 2016 Content Market 6/8-6/10
  • Greenwich International Film Festival 6/9-6/12
  • Greenwich International Film Festival 6/9-6/12
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival, New York 6/10-6/19

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