After the final stop of the PBS National Listening Tour, we offer this round-up of organizations and individuals lending their voice to the conversation.

  • Darcy Heusel, Senior Director at Picture Motion, talks “The Boom Age of Documentary” on Medium.
  • An op-ed by by filmmaker John J. Valadez meditates on “The [Latino] Future of PBS” on the NALIP blog.
  • Colorlines Magazine asks, “Does PBS Still Care About Indie Films by and About People of Color?”
  • By the numbers: “6 Reasons Why Indie Filmmakers Still Care If They’re on TV” from CMSImpact and “Seven Reasons Funders Are Focused on the PBS/WNET Doc Scheduling Debate” by Media Impact Funders.
  • Norman Lear’s op-ed in The New York Times.

Summaries and longer reports on the Listening Tour:

Reports from SXSW:

  • Center for Media and Social Impact’s Report on PBS and Indies at SXSW.
  • And Current reported back from the PBS Indies Doc Distribution panel at SXSW here.

Reports from the conversation at Media That Matters:

  • A full transcript of the conversation at Media That Matters conference by The Center for Media and Social Impact, with a summary here.
  • Current offers their summary of the Media That Matters conversation.
  • Erica Ginsburg, Executive Director of Docs In Progress, pens a testimonial specifically addressing the importance of documentaries to audiences.

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