For those interested in a rowdy good time, filmmaker Robert Greene’s amateur wrestling documentary Fake It So Real (not an amateur documentary about wrestling, but a documentary about amateur wrestling) begins a weeklong run today at the reRun Theater in Brooklyn, New York.

In an attempt to persuade (or dissuade, depending on who you ask) viewers to attend, Green’s frenemies have put together a collection of short ‘amateur’ films displaying their support/disdain for the event. It’s rare to be entertained by promotion of a documentary — you’ll remember the POV blog’s recap the Rooftop Films screening where Greene revealed his wrestling alter ego and entered a brutal wrestling match with the subjects.

Here are some of my favorites…

Former Alamo Drafthouse programmer Daniel Metz is the tamest of the bunch, subtly implying that anyone with (literally) half a brain would never attend an event like the premiere of a film like Fake It So Real.

Septien director and Hammer to Nail editor Michael Tully takes a different approach, completely dismantling Robert Greene’s filmmaking cred and referring to his films as “docu-wannabes.”

Filmwax founder (and POV blogger) Adam Schartoff throws us out of his studio, showcases his incredible strength and is indignant that we would even consider asking him to attend such an event.

Convento director Jarred Alterman does none of the above.

If you’re near New York City, you can find out more about the upcoming screenings and buy tickets here.

Are you a filmmaker taking a different approach to promoting your documentary? Let us know about it in the comments!

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Paul Buser is a Winter 2012 intern with POV Digital.