POV recently hosted IDA’s Doc U on the Road to examine the question “Can Your Doc Really Change the World?” with a panel of documentary heavyweights.

IDA Doc U on the Road at POV

IDA’s “Can Your Doc Really Change
the World” took place at POV in New York City
on Dec. 12, 2011.

This Monday, December 12, 2011, POV was thrilled to kick-off public programming in our new screening space with IDA’s Doc U on the Road. The question of the evening, “Can Your Doc Really Change the World?,” was tackled by an expert group of panelists and the conversation continued afterwards with a Q&A and reception.

The panel included Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams (Music by Prudence), Rachel Libert (Semper Fi: Always Faithful, Boomtown), Diana Barrett, founder of the Fledgling Fund, and Cynthia López, Executive Vice President and Co-Executive Producer of POV.

Deepthi Welaratna was on the scene to cover the event. Here’s an excerpt from her IDA blog post about how POV has been engaging the nation around social issues since its inception:

In 1998, POV’s core mission was to use documentaries as a centerpiece to build public attention around social issues. The model was known as high-impact TV, envisioned as a multiple interaction structure as opposed to a one-way broadcast.

Today, POV focuses on three components: digital strategies, communications and marketing strategies, and audience engagement and outreach. López screened a clip of the very successful documentary Food, Inc. She believes the secret to success was that the filmmaker’s goals were very specific-to pump up the volume on the issue of food manufacturing in the U.S. and to discuss food safety.

To read what each of the panelists had to say, read the complete blog post at documentary.org.

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