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This week, viewers watched Armadillo, the Danish war documentary that sparked controversy about the Afghanistan war in its home country.

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“I thought Restrepo was a fantastic glimpse into a soldier’s life in Afghanistan, but this really hit home. Thank you to the soldiers and to Mr. Metz for allowing us this glimpse (a very candid glimpse) into their lives there.”

@povdocs #Armadillo, excellent. The beauty of the filming almost distracts from the darkness of the story. Almost.”
Scott Allan Wallick (Twitter @sctt)

@povdocs This intense film sums up why war will never make sense nor truly solve any global issues–war is just time and lives wasted”
Sonya Bell (Twitter @AllonsEnfants)

“Compelling presentation of the good, bad, and the ugly of this war. As an American, this opened up a new yet painfully familiar perspective on our global tragedy.”
Kevin Farkas (via Facebook)

“Watched “Armadillo” on PBS @povdocs last night. What a gut wrenching perspective of armed conflict. #shouldberequiredviewing”
Andy Sink (Twitter @andysink33)

“By far the most captivating documentary about modern warfare”

“One of the most powerful verite docs about war Ive ever seen.”
Bob Sacha (Twitter @bobsacha)

@povdocs this is the most (unfortunately) real war doc I have ever seen. Incredible…”
ben king (Twitter @bkccourier)

“They are soldiers not NGOs in a country that is very hostile to them. They have lost some of their own. What would you do?”
Kayla Cain (Twitter @kayla_cain)

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