POV Short Cuts

POV Short Cuts

Each Friday, we post a selection of viewer comments relating to the week’s film.

This week, viewers watched POV Short Cuts, a one-hour collection of documentary shorts by established and emerging filmmakers.

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POV Short Cuts

“Loved the POV shorts tonight… Thanks POV for being an outlet for artistic and profound movies like these.”
Charity Chain via Facebook

“Last night’s episode was amazing. Laughed, cried… just what I needed.”
Sarah Angus via Facebook

“addicted to p.o.v. shorts! made me laugh, cry and ponder tonight, every single one of them brought some emotion out of me… great job!”
Shannon Horne via Facebook

“It was a treat to see this collection. I would encourage POV/PBS to periodically make new packages available as it is so difficult to find opportunities to see short works. Well chosen and thanks!”

Six Weeks

Six Weeks just about broke my heart.”

“This film should be shown in the USA during sex education classes in high schools. Its subject matter teaches history, biology, economics, sociology and psychology. A compelling film that makes us think long after the “short film” is completed.”
Jane Lockett

“I felt so sad for the babies, they seemed to me all alone, wanting to be held and comforted. The babies crying in the background; I kept wondering why they were crying so much. I wished I could’ve reached in the screen to comfort and sooth them, and the mom.”

“Loved this short film. I am an adoptive mom and cried for the birth mom. I wanted to hug her and tell her thank you for making the hard decision that she did.”


“Yes, I loved watching it as well, and what a lovely, personal story to share in such a creative way.”

“WOW!!! This was beautiful and truly made me smile from the inside out.”

Miss Devine (StoryCorps Shorts)

“I love this story. Everyone knew a Ms. Divine growing up.”

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