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This week, viewers watched filmmaker Robert Kenner lift the veil on our nation’s food industry in Food, Inc..

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“I am so glad that our ranch is all natural. Watching this movie made me realize how messed up our system has gotten, and how glad I am we have never dealt with any of these big companies or tried any of their horrific methods.”
george greer

“Great film. Awareness first, then change. Public schools should have food education first and foremost. Eating is OUR responsibility, not McDonald’s.”

“We want the local farmer who protects his land by doing sustainable farming and treating both his land and his animals humanely to succeed. He (or she) is the grower we want to buy from. But with the FDA making armed predawn raids on the small, local farmers who do provide nutrient rich foods, he is doomed without our support and help. This film is getting that word out.”
Sharon Burress

“If I have to read the label to see what’s in it, I probably shouldn’t buy it.”
Lori Keller (via Facebook)

“Our health is directly linked to the foods we eat. What you don’t know CAN hurt you. This film is a must see!”

“When I saw this documentary 2 years ago, it was the beginning of my eyes being opened. I began to eat organic as much as possible. I thought I was already reading labels, but I began to read labels in a new way. I went to various grocery stores and spent literally hours deciding what I wanted to eat. Shortly thereafter, I became vegetarian. I continued to read….lots of books. I began asking questions. A year later I became vegan, and it has changed my life. I don’t want to be part of a system that treats living, feeling beings as commodities.”

“This movie is not an attack on farmers, it is a call to return to how farming was done just a couple generations ago.”

“I watched this last night. Glad I caught it. Very enlightening. I do find it interesting how the meat industry has been not as targeted and/or brought to their knees so to speak as the tobacco industry has.”
Tomerial Brooks (via Facebook)

“This is the third time I have watched and I never fail to be appalled, enraged and inspired.”
Anita Nelson (via Facebook)

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