We were excited this week to see the launch of This is My Family pull in our first video submissions. The range of style was as eclectic as the perspectives and individuals posting the videos.

Already we have children of LGBTQ parents, extended-family-families, foster families, adoptive parents, adoptees — singing songs, recording from their computer’s cameras, performing interviews and creating multimedia photo-projects on what “family” means to them.

Expanding the definition of “family” is what drove the project’s conception in the first place. Our Advisory Council – made up of professionals in the field of adoption, filmmakers, Working Films and POV staff — agreed that there was a need for a space where people whose lives have been touched by adoption could come together and share their stories. We expanded this to include non-adoption stories as it quickly became clear that there is just as vital a need for foster families, single-parent families, extended families, self-created and self-defined families to tell their stories, too.

The comments sections of the Adoption Stories pages — Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy, In The Matter of Cha Jung Hee and Off and Running — have become their own pieces of media. The stories shared here reflect underrepresented and varied perspectives — birth parents, open adoption cases, multi-racial families, case workers — each blog we find, each conversation with individuals at organizations that we have, the more videos that are submitted, the more opportunities for conversation are uncovered.

Watch the submissions so far and add your voice to the mix.

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