Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner dropped by the POV offices yesterday to check in on plans for the April 21st broadcast. We had no idea that the evening before he had been hanging out with Martha Stewart at NYC’s trendy Monkey Bar.

Yesterday morning’s Wall Street Journal has a fun recap that provides all the deets. Apparently, Stewart hosted the dinner in honor of Kenner and Eric Schlosser. The menu featured “canapés, French fries and a variety of sliders.” The article went on to dish about Stewart’s ideas about food porn:

When Speakeasy ran into Martha Stewart by the bar, she told us that she was one of the first to promote excellently-sourced ingredients. “But I’m not the founder of that idea,” she said. When we asked her about Anthony Bourdain’s quest to promote what he calls food porn on Sirius XM’s Martha Stewart Living Radio, she said she was “really excited.” If something were to get the food porn treatment, Stewart said, her nominee would be a good scrambled egg. We still can’t quite wrap our minds around Stewart — the duchess of decorum — and Bourdain, who disdains the very word, getting along.

For the whole story and an interesting video interview with Kenner and Schlosser, visit the Speakeasy blog.

As for us, we hope Kenner will invite us to dinner next time! (hint)

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