I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of end-of-the-year/decade lists… yet, umm, here I am posting one. To be fair, we haven’t posted that many lists in the past few weeks on the POV Blog, and this isn’t really a “list” per se, but rather a quick note about the five blog posts that were read the most in 2009. It’s interesting for us to see what posts resonated with the POV crowd this past year, and we thought you might find it interesting, too.

So here they are, the most read posts of 2009…

  1. Food, IncDoc Soup: Burritos and Socially-Conscious Docs
    Doc Soup columnist Tom Roston wonders what’s up with the partnership between the Academy-Award shortlisted 2010 POV film Food, Inc. and the Chipotle restaurant chain. Far and away the most popular post of the year — it received almost twice as much traffic as #2 below — this post seemed to hit a chord. Perhaps it was the intriguing title: I mean, who doesn’t love a good burrito? Particularly one tied to a socially-conscious doc?
  2. Watch “New Muslim Cool” and “Beyond Hatred” Online
    The two films that opened POV’s 2009 season back in June were available online the day after their broadcast on PBS, and thousands of viewers logged on to watch. This announcement about their availability generated a lot of interest. We’ll continue to offer as many of our films online as we can in 2010.
  3. Doc Soup: Women’s Rights vs. Animal Rights?
    Tom Roston watches POV’s 2009 broadcast of Ella Es el Matador (She Is the Matador) and ponders the two conflicting liberal social agendas the filmmakers were confronted with, and the choices they made.
  4. Outside the Frame: Great Documentary Websites: Part I and Part 2
    Amanda Hirsch‘s two-part series on what makes a great documentary film website asked filmmakers, web producers, award committee members, film fans and others what ingredients add up to website nirvana in the film category. For some, it’s a matter of storytelling; for others, it’s about advocacy, or promotion. For filmmakers, it’s about extending the reach and impact of their films. This how-to post was a hit with mediamakers.
  5. Media Guide: The Masters of Documentary on Charlie Rose
    This is one of the early posts on the POV Blog, dating back to 2007! POV staffer Ruiyan Xu compiled a list of the best Charlie Rose interviews with documentary filmmakers available on YouTube. I think we’ll be offering an updated version of this list later this month!
  6. And as we move forward into a new year, we’d love to hear from our readers: what are your thoughts? Are there other posts that you’ve read here that you though were particularly interesting or helpful? What topics would you like to see covered more on the POV Blog? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below and share your ideas with us.

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