“Well, we didn’t sweep.” That’s what the always good-natured Gary Weimberg from Soldiers of Conscience said to me as the 30th Annual News and Doc Emmys ended last night. From our 10 nominations, James Moll was the only one to go home with an Emmy last night — he was honored in the Outstanding Interview category for Inheritance. Congratulations, James!

James Moll and Helen Jonas at the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards.

James Moll and Helen Jonas at the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards.

Despite the low number of actual wins, it was a great night for POV. I was especially happy to be able to personally congratulate all of our filmmakers from Season 21 that were nominated. (I’ve missed you guys!) It was also a thrill to meet a number of the subjects from the films including Judge Guzman from The Judge and the General, Mrs. Cookie Rudnick from In the Family, and Helen Jonas from Inheritance. Not to mention, I was a little star-struck when I ran into Andrea Mitchell in the ladies room.

Congratulations again to all of our filmmakers — from all of us at POV.

See a full list of winners and nominees on the Emmy Awards website.

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