POV Executive Director Simon KilmurryFor those of you unfamiliar with the D-Word, it is a unique online community of over 2400 documentary professionals from over 78 countries who share information and resources on all things documentary, including creative, business, technical, and social topics.

D-Word was started began as a series of online journal entries by filmmaker Doug Block depicting the joy and angst of making and selling his feature documentary, Home Page. (Doug was also a co-producer of the seminal doc Silverlake Life: the View From Here — which was broadcast on POV in 1993, and is one of my favorite films of all time.)

D-Word has blossomed into one of the best resources for documentary makers interested in sharing resources and connecting with each other. Check out their upcoming online seminar HONEST TRUTHS with Pat Aufderheide (starting Mon 7 Sep 2009 through Mon 14 Sep 2009 ) on the ethical challenges in making documentary film.

Join them now (it’s free!!) and celebrate ten years of building a worldwide documentary community.

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Simon served as chief operating officer of American Documentary for six years before assuming the role of executive director in Fall 2006. Since joining AmDoc in 1999, he has played a key role in helping to set strategic direction for the organization and implementing new initiatives, including the Diverse Voices Project, POV's co-production initiative in support of emerging filmmakers; POV's Borders, PBS' Webby Award-winning online series; and True Lives, a second-run series for independent documentaries on public television. In addition, he worked to secure pioneering partnerships with both Netflix and Docurama to expand the distribution opportunities for POV filmmakers and enhance branding for POV Previously, Simon was associate director at Teachers & Writers Collaborative, a nonprofit literary arts and education organization and publisher, where he is now a member of the board of directors. He has also served as a board member and treasurer for Elders Share the Arts and East Harlem Block Schools, and as an informal advisor and funding panel member for other organizations including the New York City Center for Arts Education, the Association for Independent Video and Filmmakers and New York State Council on the Arts. Simon attended the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Columbia University Business School's Institute for Not-for-Profit Management.