Entourage DVD coverLast summer I wrote a post riffing off of a Bill Moyers Journal blog post asking you what one documentary you thought the next president should screen in the White House. Responses included Sicko, An Incovenient Truth and Our Brand is Crisis, among others.

Earlier this month, Politico.com offered a glimpse at some of the media choices President Obama (and presumably his family) are making on the White House boob tube. And the news is… umm, not that great, actually.

He says his favorite show is HBO’s Entourage, which is cool and hip sure, but let’s face it, hardly edifying fare. The other shows he listed were Hannah Montana and Sponge Bob, which he watches with the first daughters, and sporting events.

I’m a little surprised. No PBS?

Besides POV, natch, what TV shows do you wish the president was watching?

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